Sex Education 

    Sex education is important for every individual. It is not limited to hush-hush conversations and separate talks for boys and girls. It is important for everyone to know the important aspects of the opposite gender's bodies and sexuality.


    Here, we hope to answer any questions or curiosities you may have about sex education. Sex education does not only refer to sex. The Sexual Health Initiative hopes to help remove the stigma and shame that is attached to conversations about our bodies. This archive acts as a glossary of relevant information that any adolescent, teen or guardian may need while exploring themselves. Healthy conversations about sex liberate sexuality, instead of reserving it to locker-room talk and gossip sessions.

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The Sexual Health Initiative

We are a student run initiative hoping to spread awareness about sexual health and see the future generations grow up without the stigma that revolves around sex and our physical bodies. If you want to contribute to our project, please write to us


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